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SMALL BUSINESSES can have big questions, and oftentimes finding the right answers can be challenging.

Luckily, our small business professionals can offer you outstanding business consulting and tax preparation services.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of small businesses get off the ground through our help with entity selection, government applications and reliable suggestions. Take advantage of our small business expertise by contacting us today.

We do all businesses…US Corporations, Foreign Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s.

Our business tax preparation services include:


If you work for yourself or operate a small business, filing an individual return is a must with the addition of a Schedule C to report revenues and expenses.

If your business consists of renting out commercial or residential real estate, a Schedule E is required to report the gross rents received and rental expenses paid.

You’re a farmer?  A Schedule F is required.

Whether filing a schedule C, E or F we address and solve issue of social security and medicare taxes.


Whether organized in the States or offshore, if you have an interest in a partnership, joint venture, or LLC, you must file a US or foreign partnership return that is filed in conjunction with your personal return.


Located here or abroad, tax filings are a must and determining your taxable income can be a challenge, since there are many special rules that apply.

Utilize our business tax preparation services today. Contact us to get started!

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