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Individual Tax Returns
Individual Tax Return

US citizens living out have the same tax filing requirements as citizens living in the United States. So you need to file a Federal return, for sure, and possibly a State and City return, as well. We can help you with all returns you need, no matter how complex.

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Business Tax Return

SMALL BUSINESSES can have big questions, and oftentimes finding the right answers can be challenging. Luckily, our small business professionals can offer you outstanding business consulting and tax preparation services. Over the years, we have helped...

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Estates & Trusts

US estate tax is assessed on the value of the decedent’s assets at the time of death. At present there is a $11,400,000+ Federal Estate Tax exemption. There are several important factors used to determining the taxability of an US estate or trust: taxable gifts,...

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late tax filing
Non-Filers and Late Filers

So, you haven’t filed in awhile? No reason to worry, we are here to help! Basically, most US expats owe little or no tax.  No tax…no penalties, so filing late issues can usually be easily resolved.

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FBARS and FORM 8938
FBARS and Form 8938

Have you accumulated more than $10,000 in foreign banks or financial institutions? If your answer is “yes”, you are required to submit a yearly report of your foreign bank and financial accounts to the US Department of Treasury.

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help with tax audit
Non-Filers and Late Filers

BEING AUDITED BY THE IRS? Stay calm, cool and collected …we can help! A tax audit is a verification process…when the government contacts you, they are seeking proof for the numbers claimed on your tax return.  With that being said, we will need you to send us...

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